Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Beginning

Oh joyous life, I'm renewed again. Chance is there. All the magic exists. Blessed today. I'm protected for some unseen purpose. I walk forward free, unafraid, with my brothers, and dead sister. The ghosts walk with me, and all love still breathes in the unseen vapors that caress our skin in the wind of timelessness. Shaken to the core, I groove in mystery and seek the day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today is Bliss

Life Poem!

Today I sit in my chair,
in the basement of the house of dreams.
Dreams come true.
Dreams that bring one to the edge of the earth.
Life poem speaks worlds.
In simple language, love has been written.
Days grow in to weeks, months, and then years.
The distance is brutal, but life is good.
There's success.
Yes, there's failure.
Miserable moments that we must wade through with proud thought, and humble action.
It’s tragic and moving.
I look in to the dark brown eyes of the chief.
I wonder how tortured a soul must be to surrender all to addiction?
How wondrous for me that I’m free.
I seem selfish when I realize what can come between two people.
A veil.
A cloud.
A dark image resting on our shoulders.
Where does this dream lead?
What can I do to heal the illness that we all share?
The crazy, strange wonderings, and sad, sad, moments of despair that all souls face.
What do I see?
I know not, but I become a better person.

Robin Rosemond 2009