Monday, January 24, 2011

A Different Alaska by Robin Rosemond


Turnagain my heart.
On the ground.
Water to the sea.
The ancients speak to me.

It ends again
Only to begin again

They say nothing lasts forever.
That I refuse to believe.
Cause it's love that flows eternal.
Simply trust the mystery.

It ends again
Only to begin again

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Different Alaska by Robin Rosemond

Tonight I'm in love with Alaska.
My guitar player and I drove south to Indian.
Sara at the Brown Bear cooked us burgers.
We watched sunset over Turnagain Arm.
After lunch there was no where to go but bed.
On my clean white sheets, death and I made a pact.
He was busy collecting souls
while I dreamt of dogs that don't bite.
I make him smile so he lets me live.


Monday, January 17, 2011


Change during below zero weather is daunting.
I want to hide out in the basement and wait for spring.
The adventure begins and I'm giving it up to the road.
Something great starts in a whisper.
My heart is free, but my head aches with questions.
I silence my mind and breathe in the frozen cloud of dreams.
I'm filled with energy and stretch out my bones and travel.
Forever I will love and forgive the brutal place called Beauty.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guanajuato by Robin Rosemond

A Fortuna A Persona (A poem for Guanajuato)

Dogs bark and speak Spanish here. The morning air of Guanajuato tells a simple story. The cries of people making a living. Roosters crow and birds of an exotic form fly by and there’s storytellers all around me. Eyes meet and rest for a moment on smiles of a beloved. Silently speaking to me and sharing love. It's a miracle and I want to do sweet things. There's nothing else. Breezes flutter and the church bells ring of time. There is a code I do not know, but I trust and listen for what is understood. Courtesy is an unspoken song. When we see in each other’s eyes, it's trust and living wisdom that holds water and shines out. Oh Guanajuato! It's a humorous trail on alleys and through tunnels cut in to mountains filled with treasure. How will I leave? I feel impelled to tell the story. Is it not enough to experience life? The doors rattle and wind curls up my legs and promptly announces, "It's time to sing! It's time to write!" Comprende, yo comprende mi Amor.

R. Rosemond 12/31/10

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

People Can Surprise You

Serenaded in Mexico.
The Mariachi are a thing of beauty.
We were given a tour of that life.
Tequila was involved.
Tacos as well.

Monday, January 10, 2011

All Is Well

The sun is still bright and warm in my memory.
Green, yellow, orange and red are Mexico.
White, grey, blue and black are Alaska.
Both worlds pierce my heart and little birds flutter in my belly.