Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Different Alaska By Robin Rosemond

A few thoughts on traveling.

There’s a difference between a polite but firm request and a shrill demand. Where’s the line? Here are six things one should never do when you travel: I found these suggestions on the World Wide Web.

1. Threaten violence
Bad idea, and it usually has the opposite effect than the one you intended.

2. Yell
Raising your voice is almost never an effective way of getting what you want.

3. Have one too many
Alcohol and travel don’t mix. That’s definitely true if you’re driving, and almost always true when you’re flying.

4. Be inconsiderate of others
Selfish behavior gets you nowhere when you travel.

5. Leave your manners at home
Somehow, travelers think the rules don’t apply when they’re away. You see that a lot with elite-level frequent fliers who believe they not only deserve the red carpet, but also have a license to misbehave.

6. Act like a jerk
You’ve met them elsewhere, but being trapped on a plane, train or bus with them can be intolerable, because you can’t just walk away. You’re stuck with a jerk and all the jerky behavior that goes with it.

Happy Trails!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Different Alaska By Robin Rosemond

Stephen's Poppy

Missing him, I flirt with every hunk I see.
Can't help it.
I ride and love the journey.
Blessings to the living and the dead.
Thank you.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Different Alaska By Robin Rosemond

Climactic Clematis

Two days of Sun in Portland.
The town was blissfully clicking it's heels.
Maria and I cooked and melded in Shaman Sisterhood.
The bounty of the Universe resides in Multnomah County.
Gratefully I stay present. Humbly resting here.
Slowly ascending the top of the wheel free in trust.
Exchanging any worry for creativity.
Shedding the skin I no longer need.
Healing my heart as I walk the Willamette Valley trails.
Thank you Lauren, Oregon and Solstice.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Different Alaska By Robin Rosemond

Amelia Belle

Count down to Alaska.
Sweetest children and happy times.
The wheels are turning and the party has started.
Life is rich, full and close to chaos.
I walk tall, unafraid and trust all is well.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Different Alaska By Robin Rosemond

Chard & Chicks

Early morning drive to Farmers Market.
The smell of rice, tamales and poached eggs
in Zing Zang Sauce.
The temperature is rising and the steamy
songs of the south pulse with promise.